Twisted Bars
are one of our specialties and we are able to produce a variety of twist rates and lengths.

Embossed Bars
are a great choice for a number of projects such as railings and balconies. We have many patterns and dies available

Hammered Bars
are a mainstay for custom gates and fences. Bars with a hammered finishes can be customized to your exact needs

Wood Grain
Bars are a great for replicating a wood pattern in a material that will last a lifetime.

Chiseled Bars
are an attractive edging material for tables, benches, borders, frames, and other miscelaneous metal work projects

Scrolls and Baskets
can be used for a variety of projects and are made in a number of configurations depending on your needs

are an excellent choice for builders and engineers sourcing the uprights for fences, railings, decks, and balconies.

add a touch of custom appeal and strength to stairway systems and pull together the overall look.

are available in an assortment of intricate and detailed designs that serve as a focal point that immediately draws attention.

serve as the supporting pillar of a staircase. They are commonly used as an alternative to wood posts and offer enhanced strength, durability and resistance.

Our History

Established in 1965 by Bert Herman, P & J Manufacturing, located in Lima, Ohio, is a second generation owned and operated family business, producing quality metal products and components for the fabrication and ornamental industries. We offer a creative finishing touch for your fencing, stair-casing, gateway, hand railing and decorative projects.

P & J has the capability of producing your special length twistings and can also manufacture your twisted, embossed and hammered bars into custom scrolls and bends.

We pride ourselves with attention to detail, which is reflected through the craftsmanship of our products. Feel free to inquire with your special requests; our knowledgeable staff will gladly assist you with any questions you may have.

Made In The USA