Hammered Iron Balusters

For over 50 years, P&J Manufacturing has produced high quality Hammered Iron Balusters, that are utilized in balcony railing, staircase railing, and deck railing.

These quality Hammered Iron Balusters are offered in an array of unique and popular hammered designs. Hammered iron balusters can be produced as:

  • Edge Hammered Balusters with hammered corners
  • Wavy Hammered Balusters with a weaving hammered surface
  • Pebblestone Hammered Balusters with a peened old school texture
  • Surface Hammered Balusters with a more traditional blacksmith look and feel.

All textures on the Hammered Iron Balusters are are available in custom lenghts and sizes and would be the perfect complement to any indoor our outdoor project requiring hammered  balusters.

In addition to our custom sized ong>Hammered Iron Balusters, we also offer the following in standard sizes:

Hammered Iron Balusters can also be produced out of any material in our Lima, Ohio factory


  • Metal
  • Wrought Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass

Textured Iron balusters are produced in over 14 unique textures as shown below.

Wavy HammeredTexture #01
Diamond HammeredTexture #02
ChiseledTexture #04
Chiseled and HammeredTexture #05
Tree BarkTexture #06
Wavy ChiseledTexture #09
Surface HammeredTexture #24
Edge HammeredTexture #03
PebblestoneTexture #07
Surface ChiseledTexture #28
Coined TextureTexture #08
Surface Hammered          Texture #24
Edge Hammered Texture #03
Tree Bark Texture Texture #06

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