Iron Newel Post

P&J Manufacturing produces a number of Iron Newel Post that are available in standard and custom configurations. We pride ourselves with attention to detail, which is reflected through the craftsmanship of our products. All our products are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Available Iron Newel Post:

Twisted Iron Newel Post provide a unique and classic look for staircases and railings. P&J Manufacturing produces custom pieces that make a perfect focal point for any iron railing.
Textured Iron Newel Post are an excellent way to complement any space. P&J Manufacturing produces newel post with unique patterns that draw attention and provide the strength of iron.
Hammered Iron Newel Post create a classic look that is similar to the timeless pieces created centuries ago by blacksmiths. P&J Manufacturing offers a variety of intricate designs in a wide range of shapes and sizes.
Wood Grain Iron Newel Post create the illusion of wood, while providing the strength and stability of iron. P&J Manufacturing creates the classic wood look and feel with the added support of iron.
Wavy Iron Newel Post create a visually appealing and modern look for any staircase or balcony. P&J Manufacturing produces contemporary designs backed by the incredible strength of iron.
Balcony Iron Newel Post get their name from their curved design. These pieces create a traditional and elegant look. P&J Manufacturing offers this distinct curved design in a variety of configurations.