Hammered Brass Round Bar

Hammered brass round bar is an attractive choice for deck railing, grills, panels, hammered balusters, and miscelaneous hammered brass work projects.

These quality hammered brass round bar are offered as hammered with 4 hammered brass sides or surface hammered with 6 to 8 hammered brass sides for a random hammered brass texture. Both types of hammered brass texture round bar are available in custom sizes.

  • RoundEdgeRoundBar
  • RoundSurfaceRoundBar

Standard Hammered brass texture round bar sizes are:

Hammered round bar can also be produceced out of any metal including aluminum, steel, wrought iron , copper , iron or brass.

Hammered Brass texture Round Bar are also produced in tree texture that resembles tree bark as shown below.

Surface Hammered          Texture #24
Edge Hammered Texture #03
Tree Bark Texture Texture #06